The New Safe

I thought this was worthy of sharing. Our homes must be SAFE homes or we fail at offering the healing our children desperately need. If not to offer safety for healing, why do we bring the trauma child into our homes?

Strength &

You guys. Epic news. EPIC.

This is mind blowing stuff.

Like if you’d told me this would happen 9 months ago, I’d have been like “you’re kind of crazy, and that means you’re my people.” But I would have laughed at you, and reminded you of all we’d been through, and how healing is a LONG process.

But it happened.

Last night.

Let me back up. (I know you are excited too! Wait for it! It’s really that good!!!)

In The Beginning

I’ve never ever been a rock-you-to-sleep mama. If you fell asleep nursing, that’s good news. Or if your name was Taba, then you just got help 24/7. But of the children born of my womb, you best figure out how to get yourself to sleep.

Cry that crap out. Suck your thumb. Use your blankie. Suck on a paci. Whatever you need to do. But at 8pm, I…

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